Stress x Wildlife!: “Hood Up” Dec 7, 2009

Stress x Wildlife!: “Hood Up” from YUHZIMI on Vimeo.

Here’s that video from Wonka nailing a 14-set gap on his Kilroy. Insanity!

Renaud Skyronka


Via GOrilla

  • captain Blaze-o

    wonka got facial hair l0l

  • aj

    why’d they pick a dude uglier than wonka to be the face model? they should’ve paid me, i am prettier than this man!

  • 14

  • nice stuff!!! but stress is a horrible rapper…

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  • HideBehindYourCross

    Dude’s footy is so fun to watch; the kids in the bike club I run are definitely feeling Wonka’s steeze. I totally dig the narrative: “just goin on a ride through the city and bein’ gnarly about it”; nice change from the traditional trick edits, too.

  • oddfellow

    you look so different.

    anyhow, he only cleared 13 of the 14 stairs because of the slant on the landing. but that’s huge anyways.


  • Rodney

    to each their own but this style of fixed freestyle, flowing through the streets, is much more respectable than parking lot pirouettes.

  • Ed

    what is Wonkas ratio on his profile setup?

  • I think 36:13

  • isti

    what’s nike got to do with all this?
    I approve of niche companies who have actually contributed something to the scene being placed in such edits, but nike?!

  • Nike most likely supports the artist. So they have a spot in the video. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Gerri

    its a small 14 though…

  • That shit doesn’t look small to me. Quit hating man!

  • scissorneck

    this was fun.. Who doesnt like watching someone bust a long wheelie thu the citys I dont know of any? nice edit….