Saturday Funday 3GS Video Dec 20, 2009

Saturday Funday 3GS Video from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Chris Fonseca rode the island with a few dudes today. Some nice clips in there, including a hop bar off a trolley ramp and some more of Joel’s fakie wheelies.

Riders are:
Joel Weston
Terry B
Rich Baldwin

  • robmyers

    big ups to rich for doin the trolley ramp bar hop! he ate mad shit, and wouldnt have it until he landed that shit. more balls than brains

  • Alex Johnson

    I really love that people still ride this way. This scene is starting to move more towards doing more stair and gaps and I’m not really into that kind of stuff. This is what I like!

  • terry B


  • Daniel

    Rich is a f*ing champ!
    Yesterday’s session was dope! Joel with those crazy fakie wheelie barspins. So sick. Marcus also finally learned nose piv. sliders pretty well too.