Ritchey Wet White ‘Ghostbike’ Kit Dec 3, 2009

After all the times “roadies” picked on “fixies” over their color-coordinated and sometimes all-white builds, it seems the tables have turned. Ritchey just announced their “Wet White” component build kit.

Like it or not, you’ve gotta admit the similarities to the “all white (well light blue)” urban fixed gear / track bike trend and the bicycle industry’s fascination with the “all white” road bikes as of late.

They all still look too much like Ghostbikes in my opinion. Bad omen from the get-go! Or maybe it’s just a stylistic nod? You decide.

Via Bike Reviews

  • GeroGeriGeGeGreg

    Silver or black components only (unless they’re free).

  • jeffx

    You have been able to get the wet white stuff for quite some time now. And pro bikes started getting all white a few years back, so i dont really think it has been influenced one way or the other?

  • hustlejr

    How about all the times people bitch about anything all white being “inspired” by ghost bikes?

    Shit yeah that grinds my gears.

  • hater69

    Contador had custom yellow sidi shoes made for his ride in to paris this year. “Roadies” invented color corfination.

  • aaron

    this kit is tight but its true. color combos are waaay too important for some

  • white bike parts are played out. also, this is all I have to say about contador


  • Parts like this have been around for a while. Not sure what the hype is.

    Roadies did invent color coordination.