Rachel Fletcher Getting Shafted by the Philly PD Dec 2, 2009

Not much to say. This is shitty. With the Philly City Council screwing cyclists over by imposing the same restrictions on bikes as they do for cars (registration, etc), this recent event shows that the Philly Police Department still looks at cyclists as an insignificant presence on the road. Something’s not right in Philly.

Philadelphia’s Cyclists get Screwed

  • will

    this is some bullshit. i love my city, but ill be damned if ima get pulled over on my bike. yes, sometimes you have to hop up on the sidewalk to avoid shit in the street, like some dickhead blocking the bike lane, or a big ass pot hole the city hasnt fixed. this is not to mention the top priority center city gets, when i know no one gives a fuck in west philly where im at. philly has bigger fish to fry. they need to go ahead with all this bullshit.

  • jnd

    the shittiest part of this story to me is the fact that people didn’t help an obviously injured person.
    people are now to afraid to help anyone due to past litigation against people who have assisted.
    its bullshit to be sure.
    take basic first aid, and fucking help out if you see someone in need god dammit.

    wasn’t it philly where that old timer was hit by a car, the car split, and people just let him lie in the street in pain while cars swerved around him?

    fucking callous people….

  • I blame lack of awareness of Good Samaritan protection laws.

  • kz

    ugh…philly police. I got hit by a car running a red light. It took them 3 months to file a report, they got the street address wrong, and never took down the lady’s name or license at the scene. So she just left while I was passed out on the road, and I got stuck with a broken pelvis.
    They really need to deal with hit and runs better.

  • Mikesaid

    Welcome to Philadelphia, I’m not saying it’s all bad there are plenty of cautious, and thoughtful drivers, I guess this is the same no matter what city you go to. It’s just a shame that this had to be in Phila, with these new law ideas still fresh on everyone’s mind things like this are just making the issue seem worse. I feel like at this point they’re looking for any excuse to pass these laws.

  • chris

    Philly is shit. I live here and have biked here for many years. And “surprisingly” was doored last night… Typical Philly driver “I didn’t see you”.. Obviously muthafucka!
    Hopefully Rachel’s story will show the powers that be that shit ain’t sweet on a bike. It really ain’t all that sweet in a car either. Philly cops are incompetent, useless assholes. I have been nearly side swiped by cops (no lights or sirens), seen groups of them (4-5 cars) shooting the shit as some maniac goes speeding through red lights. It is all really sad, and it won’t be until we bikers start whooping the ass of dumbass drivers that we will receive any respect. Not saying this is the answer, but it seems like this is the only way for us to be heard.

  • Lucy

    i’m glad this at least got some tv coverage (fox 29, really?), if not a proper police investigation. it’s good for drivers to see cyclists as actual human beings who they could kill rather than just obstacles on the road.

    i wish philly cops would mix it up once and a while and not always be complete dicks. fix some of these ridiculous potholes while you’re at it.

  • smokestacks

    Rachel is the toughest broad ever.

  • mic

    anyone know if this broad was wearing a helmet?

  • Can we 86 the term ‘broad’ in this post please?

  • mike

    sammeee fucking thing happen to me and the cop ticketed me i dont understand man

  • Benskilla

    more bike lines for xmas, please santa :(

  • Barry

    Whether she was wearing a helmet or not is immaterial. Watching the Fox clip, I was actually amazed (happily) they didn’t bring it up.

    Way too often when these stories actually make it on the news, the offenses of the driver are portrayed in a lesser light if the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet, as if to say “If they were reckless enough not to wear a helmet, they probably share some of the blame for the accident”.

    Helmets are great (I strap mine on every time I step out), but they aren’t going to win any battles with several tons of steel. What was/wasn’t on her head isn’t the story. The story is ignorant, dangerous, and aggressive drivers.

    I hope Rachel makes a speedy recovery and is back to keeping the rubber side down in no time.