Outlier for Women: the Daily Riding Pant Dec 16, 2009

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Really glad Outlier did this!

Ladies, don’t ever say we didn’t listen. Almost from day one we got requests for a women’s version of our trousers, and since you are all smarter than us, we figured we better take your advice. It took three tries, but we think we finally got it right. Outlier for Women, the Daily Riding Pant.

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Lean, sleek and made of our core 4Season fabric. You get all the men’s performance features, in an elegant and slimming silhouette. The four way stretch and soft inner face of the doubleweave twill fabric ensures you’re always riding in both comfort and style. Wear them into to work or out for drinks, rain or shine you’ll be stepping off your bicycle looking good and feeling better.

Made locally in New York City. Not only does our 4Season fabric shed rain and dirt, dry fast and resist wear and tear, but it also meets the strict bluesign environmental standards. It’s a low impact fabric, made with tight emissions standards that ensures it’s produced with the absolute minimum amount of waste. A better way of clothing for a better way of life, enjoy them, and let us know what you think.

Available in Slate Blue and Black, $180.

More information can be found here.

  • Todd

    Not being sexist, and I say this in admiration; I love how women make the effort to look good while riding.

    …us dudes make zero effort. We either look like a homeless person, or, all deuce bagged up in lycra. See?




  • Radicalrye

    Finally! Too bad it’s so close the holiday. I could have have put a pair of these on the wish list!

    Guess I’ll have something to save up for! Great job Outlier!

  • Torton

    Any woman who rides a bike and looks like that could easily be my girlfriend.

  • Johnno

    They could have used a regular shaped woman. Nice buns though!

  • Jessica

    I hope they have room for a real woman’s set of legs in there.

  • can’t wait to get a pair- finally someone realizes that some girls who ride bikes a lot still care about nice “fashionable” clothes and don’t wish to sacrifice that for “proper riding gear”

  • Damn! I like em a lot. Not got that kinda loot though!