One Way to Test a Product Dec 1, 2009

Open Bicycle in Boston was on the look-out for a glove that would withstand the brutal Northeastern US winters. After passing on several bicycle manufacturer’s offerings for 2010, they decided to look into workwear. Read up to find what brand they found works the best. Lighting something on fire is a good way to judge its application to cycling, right? In this case, sure.

Clever guys!

  • scissorneck

    funny I bought these a few months ago from a lbs good price too..I think I paid 15$ for them and they have alittle snot wipe on thumb

  • s

    Reading the description of the gloves, they seem to suffer the same problem all cold/waterproof gloves suffer from, a complete lack of waterproofness. A “waterproof insert” always means wet hands after 20 minutes in a moderate rain.
    Anyone found any gloves, cycling or otherwise, that are actually waterproof?