New Bike for a New Year Contest Dec 15, 2009


I was invited, along with Patrick from Pedal Consumption and Zach from Zlog, to be a judge in the new Leader and Trick Track give-away contest. The gist is you can win a new Leader frameset for submitting a picture of yourself doing a fixed gear freestyle trick. This should be good, so get your photographer buddies and your skills ready!

Full rules and regulations are below.

Rules and Regulations:

-Submit a photo of your best trick to
-You cannot work for Leader or
-Submissions close January 31st
-All riders that are sponsored are exempt
-Photos have to be original (no editing or photoshopping)
-The trick rider wins one (1) frameset, not the photographer
-The photographer of the photo will win a 20% off discount off any purchase from Leader under $500

John, Zach and Patrick will pick 3 finalists, then it goes to a poll open to all tricktrack members to vote on one winner

Post your images here, at the New Bike New Year contest thread on Trick Track.

Disclaimer: Leader Bike LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for and cannot accept any liability for any accident, injury or fatality arising as a result of stated competition.

For complete rules and regulations click HERE

  • hustlejr

    I should win because one of my photos was used in this poster.


  • hm

    The site is refusing to allow me to register because I’m entering incorrect security code or whatever, but there is no option to enter it. Anyone look into this/ having this problem?

  • I should also win because Leader used my sequence shot of Drew Leshko at Love park without my permission. They strung me along and made numerous empty promises to me while extorting more photographs from me. They told me to send them more images and i could become Leaders “east coast photographer.” They asked me what size frame i ride and had me call the marketing and promotions department in hopes of them getting me a frame for the work ive done,etc… In the end all i got was a blanket statement of “we do not pay photographers, ever” and “we only give parts to our sponsored riders.” Leader took a lot from me and i received ZERO COMPENSATION. Leader played me and they are going to do the same to you. If photography is your career, like it is mine, please think twice before working with them.

    Hey Leader, a little photo credit on the flyer you illegally made would be nice.

    Photography: Jesse Johnston

  • Maple

    Jesse don’t sweat it! The photos are awesome! Most of us know that Leader sucks ass anyways.

  • If any of you NYC riders want to shoot for this, get in touch with me.