Merckx Mondays Dec 28, 2009


Last week I received an email from none other than John Cardiel. Attached was a link to the ripped movie file of La Course en Tête, or Head Of the Field. The documentary is sub-titled and contains an hour and forty minutes of footage from Eddy Merckx’s professional career. One section in particular caught my attention; footage from the Cannibal’s hour record in Mexico City on October 25th, 1972. Perfect for a Merckx Mondays!

I’ve ripped the five minutes of footage from this section and as a continuation to the Merckx Mondays entry on Eddy’s hour record bike, I’ve posted it below. Enjoy.

Eddy Merckx’s Hour Record from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Thanks again to John for the movie file and email. Keep ripping man!


Merckx Mondays 12

  • Rui

    Best Merckx Monday ever!

  • The whole DVD is really great, aside from the cheesy intro. A lot of amazing content.

  • great man!!

  • chris

    agreed!! one of your best posts yet John!!

  • danny

    that was awesome. and so is Cardiel.

  • alejandro

    dude. friggin’ schweeeeet post man. thanks. killer vid.

  • thanks mate!! just sucked the dvd rip, amazing.

  • that is one of my favorite documentaries !!! i’ve borrowed it from my friend a ton. included is also the documentary covering the 1974 Giro D’Italia which is less narrated but visually pretty sweet !

  • Great documentary it is! Amazing!