Last Minutes with Oden Dec 16, 2009

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

Meet Woody, the so-called “mayor of downtown Long Beach”. Listen to him as he describes the relationship he and his best friend, his dog, Oden have. It’s a pretty moving video, so be prepared. I couldn’t imagine losing a dog that’s been through everything with me. Would be devastating and this new documentary by Phos Pictures captures how Jason Wood, aka Woody, escapes from the pain on his bike. Pretty powerful film.

This excerpt is one part of a documentary due out in 2010 on Jason Woods.

More information at City Grounds and film information is below.

Directed/Edited: Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Luke Korver, Matt Taylor
Song: Big Red Machine / Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner

Documentary Release 2010

Phos Pictures

  • peace man.

  • Ryan

    wow, that was beautiful.

  • Jarshy

    oh man, it took alot of willpower to hold back the tears watching this, I don’t know if I could handle the whole film.

  • Alex Johnson

    I just had to go through the same thing with my dog, she was with me for 16 years and she was with me through everything. It was the worst feeling I ever had when I watched her.

  • wallingsworth


  • shantz

    that was amazing… i know how much my dog means to me and i cant imagine how hard it is to know its time to let them go.

    you think your so weak and helpless when it happens but you know its because of them that makes you strong enough to get through it.

  • Michael Brewer

    Wow, that was incredibly moving.

  • sano

    That was incredible. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Copy wallingsworth: Damn.

  • make a (mostly) grown man cry… rarely can emotion like that be captured on film. huge ups for sharing this, thanks.

  • dp

    that is a hell of a short film.

  • kdigital

    That was sooososo sad. I can’t imagine life w/ouot my Pug.

    Thanks John, Now I’m sitting at my desk w design deadlines like you wouldn’t believe…freaking teary eyed mess

  • matt

    this was amazing. im still crying. i didnt think a 6 minute clip could do so much.

  • i really want to see this, the first time i ever went into city grounds he was in there, super nice guy. ALSO i saw him at fuck yeah fest throw a dude down some stairs off the stage converge was playing on…even though i had snuck on stage and should’ve been thrown off haha. excited for this

  • Kanon08

    Dude WTF, I didn’t expect that at all. That’s soo sad. It’s strange how animals really do become part of the family, probably better than family actually. Wow it totally made me tear up. My heart goes out, from someone who has been there before.

  • yammy

    I remember when I had to put down my dog Hank. That video brought it all back up…Wow. I need to go ride my bike.
    Thank you for sharing…

    To Woody,

    The days will get better with time.

  • morehartFilms

    This is so powerful! RIP ODEN. This is what film making is all about! 5th time watching it. I cry every time.

  • Angel

    To say this was moving is an understatement. My family and I had to recently euthanize are beloved dog and it was one of the most painful events our family had to go through. Great job on showing the vid John. This is one of the reasons I love your site, it’s not simply a “Fixed” site. Keep it up.