Keep Your Hands on the Bars Dec 21, 2009


Cities across the United States are dealing with the recent bicycle boom in various ways. Unlike Philadelphia’s new legislation, the new ordinance in Wisconsin doesn’t require cyclists to register their bikes, but it does further elaborate on laws regarding brakes, two-abreast riding, riding on the sidewalk, reflectors and a new no ‘fancy riding’ clause.

Section 102-7-3a in the ordinance requires riders to keep their hands on their bars, feet on the pedals and both wheels on the ground in city streets. Looks like the growing fixed gear tricksters (and even BMXrs) in Milwaukee will have to look over their shoulders as they ride from here on out! Tomorrow it goes to the Common Council for vote.

More information can be found at JSOnline.

  • Kevin

    the only thing i’ve ever really wanted was a ticket for doing a wheelie. looks like I have to plan a trip to Milwaukee!

  • putnamp

    If the law says city streets then this should be fine if people find a parking lot or someplace off-the-beaten-path to do their trick riding. We don’t allow automobile drivers to do crazy shit on the road either, and even though there’s a difference between the damage a bike can do vs a car, a cyclist doing “funny stuff” on a city road could easily cause a distraction for a motorist, leading to much bigger problems. This seems reasonable on it’s face, and whether it really is seems like it’ll be a matter of how it’s enforced.

  • so, there’s a chance you could get a ticket for signaling a turn or reaching for a water-bottle, i love it! it does make some sense, dumping off the back of a wheelie in traffic tends to freak motorists out a bit…

  • haha. FINALLY that picture comes in handy. Nice choice.

  • Another attempt to legislate common sense. Reminds me of the proposed Calif. law to prohibit pets in the laps of drivers. How about a law against texting while skidding? I am totally against pets texting while in the laps of their owners and riding underwater while smoking. Nice to know the politico’s are earning all those corporate bribes (sorry, I meant campaign contributions).

  • TD

    I live in Columbia, MO, and have heard of people getting tickets for cruising down the street no-hands. I do this all the time, especially on my polo bike, and now everytime I see headlights at night I snap my hands to my handlebars. I guess it makes sense, but I’m in a low traffic residential neighborhood most of the time…stupid thing to get a ticket for.

  • Jeremiah

    I live in Boulder, CO and I got pulled over for riding with no hands on the bars. Just dumb.