Imagine if This Were the GAP or H&M Dec 18, 2009


You’ve seen worse right? Well check out the full ad below.


Wow. That’s around $89 USD. Industrie is like an H&M or GAP in Australia. “Street” fashion at an affordable price. It’s Summertime in OZ right now, so imagine the number of people who will be riding these. At least they have brakes!

  • vonbaker

    erghk, that bmx is so… not right

  • the sprocket on the bmx is drilled like a disc brake!

  • the bmx looks like a royce union with a humpback

  • Brian

    kickstand steeze.

  • Ben

    Well, the fixie is a hell of a lot lest busted than the “BMX”, which appears to be some random old stock thing from ’94…

  • pissed_up_pista

    radial spokes? especially on something thats trying to be freestyle??? do these cunts not have a clue or something!!! tackies pretty nice though (cough, cough, splutter, splutter!). Plus for 89 USD you have probably cost 100 children their fingers in un-policed sweatshops worldwide!!!!

  • aaron

    new bike is a new bike i guess

  • I can’t wait to pick one of these up, Lake jumping here i come!

  • prettyboy

    Who the fuck set the BMX up? The Bars, the seat, why? I’ve actually seen the fixie in a shop window on King St, yes it’s a turd.

  • yammy

    you get what you pay for…