Identiti FFX Forks Dec 21, 2009

Another slim-tapered 700c trick fork. This time from Identiti. Info on the FFX forks is below.

The brand new Identiti FFX forks (which have been under development since June 2009) are now in stock at Ison.

We could have just gone out and made a bulky looking long BMX fork… or taken a standard type road fork and added some weight, but, we don’t think that would be good enough, so we have designed the FFX forks:

FFX forks are an evolved variant of our tried and trusted Rebate jump forks (which have already been used by Fixed Gear riders and are firm favorites of the jump crowd).
A carefully thought out combination of strength, weight, tyre clearance and style.

2 options:
FFX 30 – with a 30mm offset.
(to fit our own new Persona FFX frame.)
FFX 45 – with a 45mm offset.
(to fit many fixie frames that need a tad more toe clearance.)

Lightweight butted and heat treated 20/20 Cro-Mo tubing with internally and externally machined steerer. (offers optimised strength and weight, without the stress rising areas that changes in diameter over short distances can cause.)

Tapered 28.6 to 20mm legs – giving slender looks with
massive strength.

Large weld area – providing increases strength.

Height 393mm A to C (about as tight as you can go… with still allowing 50mm tyre clearance… and a decent weld area.)

BMX style dropouts… but designed to fit 9mm track or QR axles…with safety lip.

Weight: 1,080g with long 280mm steerer.
Colours: Black, White or Chrome Plate.

RRP £89.99

  • 393 atc seems a little short

  • yes, a 393 ass-to-cunt (FBM joke) dimension does seem too short for most frames (and bigger tires). Hell, even a 400 a-t-c can only clear a 42c at most. A lot of the manufacturers are using 405 or 410 for 2010.

  • TOM

    Looks like a Fit Shiv.

  • Chris

    I personally really like this fork because I only like runnig tires up to 28c . I don’t like those beefy tires nor do I like those beefy forks that look like mountain bike forks . (I still like em ) but I wanted something more track looking. Because I mash more than trick. This being said I still want to be able to barspin on occassion haha anyway this is it the fork I was seeking Not so beefy but still has what I need ordered o e waiting for it to be shipped :)