Houston Fixed Chopped and Screwed Dec 3, 2009

Houston Fixed Chopped and Screwed from donny hall on Vimeo.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Some Houston love right cheah right cheah. Always love seeing Justin riding too. Nice edit guys.

RIP Lee Powers

  • jamie

    must be nice to ride somewhere so flat… #pvd btw nice edit.

  • MAN HOLD UP!!!!! they don’t know about that song though for real…I been living in CALI for like 4 or 5 years and everytime I play that song…they just don’t get it! BIG UP to my 281, 210, 512 area codes!!!!

  • jnd

    completely pointless.

  • xavier


    gotta love those 9 month summers

  • cunt

    this shit was leaked.