Geekhouse and Wentworth Architecture Dept Dec 8, 2009

Marty and the gang at Geekhouse were asked to sit in on a crit at Wentworth‘s Architecture Department. The studio was designing a Boston-based bicycle manufacturing facility and asked Geekhouse to be the local experts and to critique the student’s work. .

After a short slideshow, the students displayed their projects and opened their architectural intent up for discussion with Marty.

After completing a 5-year program and graduating with a Bachelor’s in Architecture, I never want to sit through another formal critique again. Brings back memories for sure. Everyone looked well-prepared with parti models, diagrams, models and material studies. Check out the full set here.

  • Lowell

    There were a lot of great concepts. I have a lot of friends in the architecture department here. Fortunately I spend my time at the south end of the design building.

  • Fernando

    I actually my model of the building that I designed for Geekhouse. It was a great project to design a manufacturing facility for geekhouse.

  • wade

    Great work!
    Funny, none of them look like that old brick building on the tracks in Somerville where the Merlin guys used to weld back in the day … Brings flashbacks of an MIT studio to design a factory for Merlin on the Allston truck parking site next to Genzyme back in ’92. Fernando Domeyko and Ron Eng (TA) up in the old Maurice Smith / Herman Hertzberger loft studio (RIP). Hope the Geekhouse guys can keep it up and best wishes to all the architecture school students!

  • GRH

    that first sentence is very misleading.

    when you write for a bike blog, you probably shouldn’t use the word “crit” to mean critique, especially in an opening sentence.
    unless you don’t know what i crit is, in which case you have lost some credibility in my book.


  • Brian

    This is so awesome to see, I’m a first year WIT Arch. Student and Cyclist, and It sweet to see my school on one of my favorite blogs.