Flat Fix Fakie Wheelie Dec 22, 2009

やっちゃうよ flat fix from jun iwai on Vimeo.

After only a week of practice, Jun Iwai seems to be getting the Joel Weston bug. This is the only other legitimate fakie wheelie, even if it’s only a few cranks, I’ve seen on video. You mean to tell me no one else is doing these yet? Come on guys!

Via Flat Fix

  • Jun is Mr. Wheelie! It had to be him pulling these off first in Japan. I hope he lands some soon.

  • i will post a vid soon.I’m doing the same thing he is i just need to land and ride fakie away.

  • ive seen tom briggs pull these, gotta get some video!

  • prettyboy

    I saw something like this on a flatland vid from about 03. He had a lefty fixed GT 20″. He wasn’t going as fast and it wasn’t as cleanly done.

  • prettyboy

    Flatland manifesto, and I think the dudes name was Travis Collier from memory. For those that care.

  • prettyboy

    Not Travis Collier, Trevor Meyer. This is not the fakie wheelie but it’s still rad. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see shit like this on 700’s.