Fixé 2 Dec 7, 2009

photo by Matt Lingo

Bike needs more corpse paint. Finally, a Fixé cover I can post without degrading women. But dude, Det Som Engang Var is no where as good as Filosofem. Ha!

Thanks for the heads up Kyle!

Fixé Magazine Launch

  • Kanon08

    Haha, rad. I just read this while listening to 1349.

  • Ric

    Agreed on the album preference. I got the shirt in a closet-sized metal record store in San Jose, Costa Rica the day I saw Iron Maiden down there. It holds emotional significance!

    Big ups to Matt Lingo for the photo!

  • Monos from Fixé

    thanks for the post!

  • mark

    what does one have to do to find this mag? i’ve been looking.