Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire Dec 17, 2009

Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Matt Lingo got to spend a lot of time with Emi during his recent trip to Southern California. Read up on what Matt had to say about Emi’s 60 mile ride to see his parents in Inland Empire.

Emi and I were visiting downtown LA when he decided he wanted to ride out to Loma Linda in Inland Empire to visit his family while down in Southern California. The ride was sixty two miles, and he completed the journey in a little under three hours.

Zach Stove and myself played support vehicle, navigating Emi through the roads while supplying him with water and fruit ensuring he wouldn’t have to make any stops.

During the drive Zach and I rotated between filming and driving, and I tried to sneak in some shots with my DSLR when I could.

Via Matt’s Livejournal