Danny MacAskill Article in the NYTimes Dec 28, 2009

Photo by Jayne Emsley

There’s a great article up on the NYTimes about Danny MacAskill‘s recent trials video gone-viral and how it’s shaped his life. Amazing how a bicycle mechanic goes from a meager salary ($9 / hour) to being flown all over the world and potentially making 6-figures. All to ride his bike.

One quote really stuck out to me:

“I didn’t want to grab everything while I could and look like an idiot,” he said.

Wise words. Sponsorships, money, everything comes quick to people in the lime light and how you deal with companies and opportunities will shape your future in the industry. Read the entire article for a reference to that “NYC Bike Messenger” movie.

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  • That video is so fucking rad. I watched it a ton this fall. Learning more about him makes me like the guy that much more too.

  • jdub

    now thats what i like to hear. livin the dream. keep on riding. and be humble/thankful. livelove.

  • That video really is THAT good. I realize that there may be other more accomplished riders out there and video as well, but the key to that one in part was the music and editing as well as the riding. It was ALL just extremely well done and the planets were aligned. Just watched it again and it gave me chills just like the first time. Bottom line it makes me want to go out and get on a bike and I can’t do any of that shit. That’s the magic of it.

    Back when it came out I sent it to anyone/everyone I could whether they rode or not.

    I’ll second the notion that learning more about Danny just makes it all the better ’cause he seems like a genuine guy.

  • Mike

    First couple of times I watched this I thought I wanted his skills, but now I think I just want his ACLs — I’ve been watching bike videos for almost 20 years now and these are some of the biggest drops to flat I’ve ever seen.