Cool Rain, This is What Happens When… Dec 22, 2009

… you put a company’s logos on a project without their permission. Hypebeast reports that those little Cool Rain figurines that came with a Cinelli Vigorelli were done without the permission of Cinelli. Look guys, it’s obvious Cinelli is in the loop, so why do that? You didn’t think you were gonna get caught or something? haha.

At least Cinelli offered to do an official collaboration after they found out about the figurines. Most other companies would have been getting their international lawyers ready.

Coolrain Kasina 12-Inch Poseurs

  • josh

    isn’t this similar to that (not) boski collaboration?


  • scissorneck

    Fucking asia

  • That’s awesome of Cinelli, but does anyone know what’s going on with Bianchi? Seems like it’s an afterthought but their bike is in there too.

  • Wow, they really thought that through, huh? Any word on Bianchi or Nike?

  • 120spaced

    This may seem like some sort of racial profiling but it’s not, “fucking asia” indeed. When it comes to producing products “copyright” and/or “intellectual property” are just not notions that enter into it in this part of the world. It’s almost as if they TRY to knock shit off-like it’s a good thing. Like it’s OK. FUCK. Good on Cinelli for bringing it, I hope Bianchi follows suit.

  • josh

    these people who are saying “fucking asia” – have you ever downloaded a song/movie illegally? no? the tunes on most of these web edits are illegal use – everything is made off of copying, better call your local police and hand yourself over.

    ever bothered to find out where 99% of everything you own is made, oh wait, it’s asia. and a lot of that stuff is probably made by people with shitty work conditions and pay who are in this position because of the fucking west.

  • So I wasn’t watching the comments as closely as I should have been this morning because I was busy in the office. Scissorneck, you’re in the wrong. Let’s not steer the conversation down this path (again) guys.

  • anonymous

    “I hope Bianchi follows suit”

    A wonderful pun, if I ever saw one.