Cook Bros. Racing is Back Dec 17, 2009

Yep, you heard that right. The legendary Cook Bros. Bonz cranks and sprockets are back for 2010 with a new spin. Currently, they’re only available in 176mm lengths, so you may want to wait on a shorter arm length for your fixed gear or track bike but they’ll go great on a 29r or a single speed. For more insight on Cook Bros., read up on their history at the Jack Sayz Hi page.

Great to see another American legend back in production.

  • tyler johnson

    I had cook cranks on my first good race bike. They were awesome and blue anno!

  • dontcoast

    the arm and the spider/ring are clearly not forged together. Is this a stamped or (unsplined)BMX crank?? If so its a bad call for street/trick fixed anyways.
    Is it really 176mm?odd. Anyways crank length should have more to do with leg length than pedalstrike concerns IMO

    Looks purdy tho

  • I wouldn’t put them on a fixed gear “trick bike” but on a normal rider it would be fine. You’re generally “supposed” to ride 165s or 170’s on the street, regardless of your leg length. Sheldon has an extensive article on this on his site. Corning is a huge issue (resulting in pedal strike on longer arms) and toe-overlap is another concern.

    The arm has a spline-type interface with the ring. TONS of people rode these back in the day and they’re fine for normal riding. Since the arms are 7075, they wouldn’t hold up to ‘freestyle’ fixed stuff, but that’s not what they’re about anyway. It’s more of a nostalgic company re-producing their classic cranks for the riders who used to thrash trails and dirt jumps back in the day. Most likey, they’ll end up on SS cruisers, 29’rs and maybe even some 3-speed bikes.

  • dontcoast

    splines sound fine, I was just worried about chainring blowout a-la stamped cranks if used brakeless fixed.
    Would look sick on the 29″ quadrangle frame