Congo for Death Pedal 2 Dec 29, 2009


Oh yeah! Matt Lingo has a ton of pictures from Kareem’s recent visit to SoCal. Matt, Kareem and Congo spent the day in San Diego filming for Death Pedal 2. Some great shots on Gattphotos, so check them out. This 11 stair gap looks really good, as does the new Volume Thrasher.

Volume Bikes Thrasher Build

  • curious guy in the background. haha

  • mike schmitt

    gnar as fuck

  • Congo

    I posted a bunch more photos on trick track. So check that out to

    (edit: Trick Track link is here)

  • Bl00dyMeat

    Congo is a good rider and all…but seems to throw the same tricks a lot. Hope they actually put some variety into DeathPedal2. great photos though

  • hahaa :)