Bootleg Bart and a Track Bike Dec 14, 2009

eat my shorts man

I’m sure some of you are old enough to remember the bootleg Bart Simpson shirts that were being made in the early-nineties. As we were walking through Osaka (more on the trip to come), we came across this bootleg t-shirt shop. It was filled with all kinds of take-offs on American pop culture. This one in particular grabbed my attention. A Brooklyn chewing gum cycling hat, a track bike and a gorilla chain. Is this a bootleg GOrilla shirt? Definitely made me laugh when I saw it.

In hindsight I should have bought a few…

  • riot_hero

    I remember my brother had a Bart Simpson shirt that said “Crack Kills” and he was stuck in some fat lady’s butt crack lol. They also had a black bart named Black Bartman. Normally they sold them at liquor stores and stuff.

  • I love the skullcandy headphones too lol