Bike Cops are Weiners T-Shirt Dec 3, 2009

Cog Nation just put out a new shirt showing their sentiments towards bike cops. Here’s a few words on the back-story of the shirt:

“Here in Fort Collins, CO the campus at Colorado State University is littered with bike cops and arbitrary rules and regulations that are enforced upon cyclists. Needless to say, students who ride bikes are not big fans of the bike cops.”

The sentiment is the same in NYC, although I haven’t seen many bike cops around lately. They’re all on 3-wheeled Cushman carts now.

Get one for $10 at Cog Nation.

  • tasty

    Wiener is misspelled.

  • they’re both technically correct. Weiner is the German-root.

    Weisswurst is White Sausage
    Weiner is a also spelled Wiener as a derivative.

    But yeah….

  • haha. thanks for clearing that up Prolly. either way, one can’t deny that bike cops are both weiners and wieners (maybe even weeeners).

  • Carmel

    The german spelling is “wIEner”