Bicycle Revolutions Offers A Reminder Dec 22, 2009

Photo by Bryan Vanarsdale

With all the theft that’s been going on, it’s good practice to sign your wheel’s rim tape, or even better, your rim. That way if it’s stolen, you can alert your local bike shops and in the highly likely event the thief or new owner of your stolen wheels brings them into a shop, you’ll get them back.

This very thing happened to Jesse Johnston recently. Head over to Bicycle Revolution’s blog for the full story!

  • Rodney

    Really good idea !!

  • Jihad

    It is always a good idea to write your name/phone/address on paper and under clear tape on the b/b shell with instructions to call if the name on the repair ticket is different. You can also do this with paper stuffed in your seat post, which can be really helpful if you see your stolen bike and can get a cop to stand there while you pull your info out of the post. Possession is 9/10’s of the law and your word is the same as the thief’s.

  • t-bone

    Not only is Fuzzy a fucking solid dude; his wheel builds are quite possibly some of the best in the states.

  • drøn

    i always use a pair of colored (or dfferent sized) nipples when building a wheel.
    hard to notice but easy to tell if you know what to look for.