Atom Feed Please! Dec 7, 2009


To all my feed subscribers, would you mind making sure that you’re using the ATOM feed, not the RSS feed? The RSS formatting is screwy and my analytics show a larger percentage of readers are on ATOM anyway. Even though it’s labeled “RSS” at the top, the link has always been to the ATOM feed. If I were a technician, I would have caught this earlier… Much appreciated!


  • Cam

    Sorry but both your feeds have “screwy formatting.” You’d better of getting your tech. friends to fix them both for you and make them valid feeds – I’ve not had a problem with your RSS feed. (this is getting way to geek)

  • What feed reader are you using? Yeah, it’s on my “to do tech” list for 2010. A big revamp is coming…

  • Cam

    I use NetNewsWire (on a Mac) this syncs all my feeds with Google Reader. I just checked and the RSS looks okay in Google Reader too.

    Whose been complaining?

  • It’s when I post the “continue reading” entries. On the ATOM, it displays the full post and on the RSS it truncates the post. I’ve noticed it and others have as well. I’ve fucked around with it a lot and can’t get it right…. DOWH!