Asphalt: Outlier Winner Dec 7, 2009

now that’s a snow machine!

Congrats to Travis Jutson for winning the Asphalt Outlier contest. Your hoodie is in the mail homie! Stay tuned in 2010 for bigger and better giveaways from the brands you know and love.


Laek House, Outlier and Prolly is not Probably

Asphalt: Outlier

  • That’s my old bike! It took me through two full-time winters before passing it on to Travis, so I can back up the pedigree. Congrats, Travis!

  • chrull

    What are those mudguards and where do I get them?

  • hustlejr

    They’re sks race blades but might I suggest getting these instead ( as they’re easier to adjust and way cheaper.

  • chrull


  • chris

    So what kind of frame is that? Been meaning to find a nice frame that supports fatties…

  • hustlejr

    It’s a 2005 KHS flite 100. As far as I know, this year’s geometry is the same. I put on an old carbon fork though as the original fork is way tight.

    On somewhat of a side note, I fully recommend KHS flite 100s. Tight track geo for pretty much as cheap as it gets.