All Good Things Come To An End Dec 17, 2009

Photo by Joe Leonard

Well, the DOT came out the other day and tore down the quarter and the vert at the Peel Sessions spot. Sucks! Time to rebuild it.

  • Patrick

    this time with some cement too

  • I think the piling of bricks and mortar needs to begin! That and throw a Peels Benefit trick comp/race to the ‘Rebuild the Quarter Vert Wall Fund’, hehe. Couple more concrete objects down there and it’ll be better than the old Skatepark on the williamsburg waterfront! As sketch-balls as everything was there, I still miss that place..

  • ahhh hate when that happens. water street’s on its 5th iteration of the ghetto-ramp

  • Kanon08

    Bigger and Better. Let’s make the whole wall a quarter.

    I’ll help, well once it warms up a bit. I prefer my balls being on outside of my torso.