68 x 109 ISO Taper Sealed BB Dec 1, 2009

I meant to post this the other day when Milwaukee posted it to their blog. For one reason or another, it slipped my mind. What reminded me to do so was a recent email I got from a reader. He was complaining about riding a loose-ball Sugino BB in the Mid-Western Winter and was wondering whether or not to go with a Campy Veloce or the like since there isn’t a inexpensive sealed ISO Taper BB.

Well, now there is. It’s an inexpensive (read: not “cheap”) 68 x 109 ISO Taper Sealed BB. How inexpensive? $35. Not bad. Up until this point there were only higher-end options and a lot of people decided to run $20 JIS taper BBs on their Sugino 75’s, modifying the taper of the cranks forever!

Milwaukee has been working on this for some time now. Hell, I think they originally conceived of the idea when were were all still running Sugino 75’s and snapping bottom-bracket spindles (see previously links).

Shows you how long it takes to develop new products!

More information at the Bens Cycle blog.

Oh Snap Again!
What a Day!

  • miche


    This looks pretty good. There is always the Miche Primato 68×110 ISO English…usually runs around $30.

  • Yeah, I rode one of them (see the ‘What a Day!’ post linked above). The chainline adjustment was a pain in the ass though, since there’s no ‘lip’ on the DS cup.

  • Lance

    What about the Shimano UN54? GREAT BB for $25-30

  • The Shimano UN54 is JIS, not ISO taper. Sugino 75s are ISO taper, not JIS…

  • stone-street

    Is there a good chance i will snap my spindle using sugino 75s with a phil wood JIS taper BB? thanks man!

  • Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS Sugino 75s are ISO taper not JIS


    I weigh like 220 lbs and was doing big gaps and drops when I broke mine. I only know of a few people who break BB spindles from everyday riding. My friend Dan broke a Phil Wood spindle on his Campy Pista cranks. Parts wear out and break.

  • stone-street

    ok thanks man, i assume having jis bb and iso cranks will cause things to wear out faster? i shoulda got a iso taper bb…..shit!

  • these bb arent anything new. milwaukie didnt develope anything new sugino had a 40$ bb out that worked on messengers. and i saw a bunch of dudes run em on 75s. idk i think u give a mail order company a lil too much credit but thats comming from a dude working a shop.

  • garrison. Milwaukee was a brick and mortar shop years before they did mail order and that bottom bracket you’re talking about is JIS, not ISO.

    If you work at a shop, surely you know there IS a difference. Right?

    JIS has a wider taper, ISO is thinner. If your cranks are tapered ISO, they’re meant to have an ISO taper. Putting a JIS will widen the taper, causing them to either crack at the taper over time, or widen them to the point where if you put a proper ISO taper on, they’ll fall off.

    Actually, here’s an article on Urban Velo, I suggest you read up on it. Or you can read sheldon brown as well…


    But Milwaukee DID develop it because there wasn’t one on the market for this pricepoint prior…

  • Teh Historian

    Ok, all y’all preaching this “widen the taper” noise need to learn to math. The taper is the same, you’re not going to widen anything just by using ISO cranks on a JIS spindle. Think of it like 2 paper cups stacked on top of one another. JIS crank on JIS taper is like having two of the same cup. ISO crank on JIS taper is like cutting 4.5mm off the lip of the bottom cup, they still fit together exactly the same. If you’re galling out the insides of your cranks so that aluminum is actually deforming against steel you’ve overtightening things or continuing to retighten your crank bolts repeatedly while they’re on the bike, which is a no-no since you’re just chasing the crank farther and farther up the spindle. Jobst Brandt explains it here:http://www.sheldonbrown.com/brandt/installing-cranks.html . Sheldon (RIP my man) is always a good source for sizing and standards information and history, but when it comes to the truly technical stuff you need to read Brandt, unlike Sheldon he actually has an engineering degree and was willing to do scientific testing and investigation.

    Whether or not the contact area achieved between a sugino 75 (or any other ISO crank) and a JIS spindle is adequate for the forces involved in freestyle is another matter. My personal opinion is that it’s like asking whether a 350lb dude can get into an XL pair of bib shorts — there’s no sense asking if something that’s obviously a bad idea is possible. But some people just can’t sleep at night unless they paid way too much for a crank, so I guess this BB is for them.

    Meanwhile over in BMX world, it’s incredibly uncommon to snap crank spindles even though the cranks are generally longer and the drops way higher than in FGFS. This is partly because they use burlier stuff (all steel all the time splined cranks), but also because they take more of their landings with their knees and body, which you just can’t do with a high top tube 700c frame. Trials guys drop from stupidly high but take even more of the force with their bodies, and have no problems with ISIS or external. DH guys have huge suspension systems taking the hits and still break everything constantly but they all use ISIS or external too.

    Oh, and I’ve used that Miche adjustable BB, it is kind of a beeotch to install but it helps to put some teflon tape on the drive side cup to get it to stay put a little more. You often have to install it, put the right crank on, measure the chainline, figure out from the thread pitch how many turns you need to turn the right cup to get it where you want it, and then pull the crank and dial it in. Helps to mark it as you go.

  • Historian, I tried to email you, but the address bounced.

    Thanks for the input. I’ve read Brandt’s work and am familiar with Sheldon’s “teachings”. Others have argued that because the spindle is shorter on the JIS, that it is impossible to get the crank to sit properly without deforming the taper of the crank. I.e. the spindle “bottoms out” deeper into the crank than it should. I’ve had perfectly good Campy cranks ruined because someone mounted them on a JIS taper and the ISO taper sat too deep in the tapers.

    I’ve been riding a BMX crank since the other snapped spindles and once I got a (48) splined sprocket, have had 0 issues with them.

    Thanks for the comment and the time it took to write it.

  • M

    actionbicycle.com has this bb at a lower price. They are a distributor, so you would need a retailer to get it for you.

  • I only see JIS taper Bottom brackets (other than the Miche) on Action’s site. Which one were you referring to?

    ISO not JIS again…

  • kennykaos

    ive been running miche primato bb’s for years now since i never felt like relubing the sugino bb all the time and have had no problems with it ever. then again i dont do tricks on my track bike, but for around $30 for it insted of the $70-80 for the loose ball i’ll stick with the miche.

  • garrison

    wasnt tryin to be a know it all just knew it wasnt enough a difference to matter.
    and the whole millwaukie/mail order thing just bothers me. like im sure it does any other small shop trying to get kids their stuff. just take dans comp for example. idk just seems like the main people in the fixed community support mail order much more than their LBS just my opinion though