14R Dec 6, 2009

Andy at Fixed Gear London and 14 Bike Co has been working on a project bike for the two companies for some time now. He had an earlier prototype with him in Tokyo while I was there and it’s one bad-ass looking bike; all Reynolds 853 chromoly. Read up above and check out the Flickr set here. More information can be found here. The press release is below.

  • Stoked it is steel!

  • Anonymous

    SHBFLISUDB,CBVKUYSETALEUFHLI SO SEXY. I love it. That’s pretty cool that they made it in steel.

  • matt

    looks like a leader

  • Teh Professor

    I know Reynolds did the tubing and let them make this mess, but seriously, WTF? Standard 853 has .4mm walls. I don’t know the exact tube diameters here, but at that spec this thing has at minimum a 100:1 diameter to wall ratio, which means it’s going to be pretty delicate. That or they beefed up the walls and it weighs a million pounds. Not to mention that there’s got to be a quarter pound of brass in the fillets on this thing. I’ll definitely buy that this thing was hard to build, but I’m not sure it was a good idea.

  • But its not standard 853. its a 0.7 thick tube set.
    Steel is a better material for making bikes ridden on the road than Aluminum.

    We worked with Reynolds on this. WTF?!


  • By the way… This bike as it is weighs 8.34kg