14 Bike Co. Ad Dec 18, 2009

Photo by Ben Broomfield

Fixed Gear London just upped a new 14 Bike Co. advertisement to their Flickr. It’s got Romain mid-air x-up off a quarter. Sick shot. Sick frame. Sick company. Looks rad guys!

  • Jimmy


  • D

    Airing below coping and halfway x-up? At least they’re trying I guess. No hate but IMO maybe the line between bmx and 700cmx should be redrawn a little bit.

  • Yeah, 700c riding will never be as “legit” as BMX, but you have to look at the differences and respect them for what they are. Here’s a good x-up – bow-legs aside. How else can you do one with uncut bars and a saddle in your way. He’s even dropped behind it all the way.

    It’s all relative to the bike…

  • how is this a halfway x-up D? looks to be more than 50% to me? Pretty sure if you doubled that he’d have done a bar spin. also, maybe i am looking at this wrong but he appears to be above the coping…
    were u being facetious? are you really worried about people on 700cmx doing tricks like this?
    Can you maybe post a pic of Yourself doing this trick on any bike? I wanna see what it should really look like. no hate tho. jw.

    Looks legit to me…

  • D

    So yea I think Tom kills it about as hard as you can on those bikes, no doubt. I can of course do that trick on a bmx just fine, but my point was, if people want to do this stuff, like straight up skatepark riding, why not do it on a bike that is much more suited towards that? I realize people are simply trying to push the boundaries of their bikes so I guess more power to them.

  • I see what ya mean. but some people are going to develop from those bmx roots or core bmx moves. At some point I think there will a blend of styles and tricks, but certainly it will get to a point when there are mad lines that are only possible on a fixed gear.
    anyway, yea its all just fun. but your right.. a bmx bike would be a better tool for the job for this one.
    but its just satisfying when you hit something like this on a fixed gear. hard to explain. everything just comes together at the right moment.

  • When you say it’s more suited to BMX… are you saying that because the bike is easier to control or because the BMX is stronger, or is it because you think aesthetically it looks better?