Words from Tom and Tony Nov 13, 2009

Tom and Tony, the dynamic duo of the fixed gear world, will start contributing weekly posts. It’s a special time each week where the two knuckleheads can show their sense of humors via Prolly is not Probably. Without further adieu, here they are.

Since Tom and I have been able to get a lot out the fixed gear community we would like to give back to it in some way. We’re willing to bet that a lot of frequenters Sir Probably’s have seen this video, but we feel it is a great tutorial to learning how to wheelie.

A self proclaimed “fixie newb” systematically breaks down the mechanics of the wheelie into a clear and concise list.

1. Raise your seat to find your balance point.

2. Pop it up with your most comfortable foot which may be your left or right or other foot. There is no need to worry about trying too hard because the front end comes up automatically.

3. Get into the “Go Point”

4. Balance that shit.

5. Wheelie all the way into a tardy mark in homeroom.

This was a great tutorial, but the only addendum we would make is to arrive at school on time. Sick wheelies won’t pay the bills.

  • jros

    he forgot to sit down

  • sean


  • Brody

    wth? I’m not clowning on anyone for not being able to wheelie, but why is this dude giving trick tips???

  • I think it’s hilarious. It’s got a shit-ton of views too. PEOPLE WANNA KNOW!

    great first post by tom and tony.

  • Aren

    gosh brody, he is just trying to show people what he learned and help out the fixed gear scene.

  • Ted

    take it easy on the guy this aint skateboarding. keep it up buddy. Sit your ass down and ride that shit out. you’re golden.

  • meta dom

    tony. lemme know the fine art of throwing tvs off the engineering building, fat sandwiches, and launching water balloons outta your attic at “yo dudes”. the world needs to know

  • youngbuckaroo

    haha, dats my boy Ron. That video is old as ballz, he has a bunch of other videos too.

  • youngbuckaroo

    Btw he also has this video on how supermang dat hoe: