Who Has Merckx’s Hour Record Bike? Nov 19, 2009

There’s never been such a quagmire of debate in the vintage cycling world. This one question; Who has Merckx’s actual hour record bike? will cause hours upon hours of debate on many vintage forums. On Monday I’m planning on laying out all the information I’ve come up with. A very special Merckx Mondays.

All this was sparked because Lodovico from Cinelli shot me this picture in an email. It shows the coveted Cinelli Laser track bike and a supposed Eddy Merckx hour record training bike. The frameset weighs an astonishing 1450gm! Lodovico is confirming more details such as the track end stamping, BB detailing and other characteristics of Eddy’s hour record bikes. Hopefully he’ll be sending me updates to include in Monday’s post.

Check back on Monday for the full post and be sure to bring your facts and opinions to share!

  • It seems that its in Brussels at the Eddy Merckx Metro Station – Western Branch of Line 5. Hope this helps???

  • Wait for John’s Monday post, and you might not be so sure the Metro Station frame is the hour frame.

  • mike

    i believe eddy himself has the bike on which he broke the hour, and i believe its made of titanium.

  • That Laser track frame is stunning! I…MUST…HAVE…IT…!!!

    FWIW, that Molteni track frameset looks too small to be something Eddy would ride.