W-Base 5 Year Anniversary Party Nov 19, 2009

Tokyo’s OG BMX shop, W-Base is celebrating their 5-year anniversary on December 4th with a huge party. They booked the Roots and special guest Bob Haro! Looks like it’s gonna be a blast. If you’re in Tokyo, don’t miss this!

  • DJH

    Is 5 years OG nowadays?

  • the shop has been open for longer, but they changed the name / ownership and hired Yohei to be their PR person. They’ve been around for a long time. Just don’t know the actual length.

  • Well, MotoSan was winning trophies in the 80s, so to me, that is pretty OG. He is a legend in Japan, and if you ask pretty much anyone in the world of bmx or track bikes, where their first stop is in Japan, they will say WBASE.

    PS I will be there! :)))))

  • see there ya go.

  • WHOA!

  • ….and prolly, hmmmm, I am starting to think that the ROOTS are not coming…. :( I am pretty sure that is just the name of the event…..