VéLOrue Montage Nov 11, 2009

VéLOrue Montage from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

More from the B-Flo fixed gear crew, VéLOrue. Remember, there are mountains in upstate NY, not just hills. These dudes mix it up with a healthy dose of nice cinematography, riding fast and doing tricks. Dig the last clip.

Looking good guys! Love the music too.

The 411 on the edit:

Filmed by Bill Bottriell and Colin Phelan
Edited by Bill Bottriell

Riders in order of appearance:
Zach Lee
Bill Bottriell
Ben Golembiewski

  • Dickie T

    Diggin it! The cinematography and fun factor in this is amazing.

  • black moth super rainbow!

  • Danny

    I really enjoyed that. Good images and love some fast riding footage

  • kevin

    i know them dudes, they hate me, but i like to watch their videos,

  • we don’t hate anyone man!