Tyler Johnson Hop Bar Nov 9, 2009

It’s about time for some West Coast love. Well, Vancouver love – that’s just a technicality.

Travis just posted some shots of Tyler Johnson riding in Vancouver. I liked this one the best of out them. Nice 700cmx Tyler!

Speaking of Tyler, the Revival premiere was last night. What’d you guys think of it?

  • It would please me to view that video.

  • looks like 650, can u concur Tyler?

  • yeah, it’s a 650c.

  • TOM

    700c is the way to be

  • lhansberger

    good turnout, positive atmosphere.


    jutson has put up some pics too.

  • aj

    i see you baby… shaking that thing.

  • It is a 650. Although I am doing some testing so right now my bike is legitly 700cmx! Big fork wide tires and all. Crazy weird.

    The premiere was awesome, a lot of people and a lot of fun. Everyone’s parts turned out really well. I was surprised by how consistently well each rider’s part was actually. Great variety too.

    Thanks for the post.

  • mr. poopypants

    I don’t know why everybody in PDX hates on these riders. As somebody who has trouble getting out of his own way, hopping a curb cut on a mountain bike is a challenge for me. After 15 years on them, I sold the last fixed gear I will ever own last winter. Since then, I have come to understand these riders even more. Session on a bike that you can actually ride to and from the session on? Why not? These people have even been kicking my ass at cyclocross races!

  • big tony

    better off barspinning a scooter with them bars son…