Turning Tricks Week 14 Nov 9, 2009

Turning Tricks – Week 14 from KrEEEstowfUr on Vimeo.

I love having the quarter at the Peel Sessions spot. So does Chris. This week he worked on nose-bonks and 180’s on it along with nose-pivot sliders.

180’s look great man!

  • chris

    Never understood throwing your skateboard. Definitely don’t get the throwing your bike thing either.

  • frustration

  • Hey Chris,
    Thanks for watching man. I am not sure if you particpate in this sport or not, but sometims when you spin at these speeds your bike flys away from you. it’s just momentum (makes it hard to hold on)… if you look at :16secs into the video that is a perfect example of when the bike flys out and I try to save it. The problem is that this gets REALLY tiring and straining on your back.
    At the end of every week my neck and back are sore from keeping my bike from flying out. But… the last clip of this video was taken at the end of a 5-6 hour session. I was really worn out from a long morning of riding (and failing), and quite frankly lost interest in holding onto it. Luckily I’m riding a bruiser, and it can survive A LOT worse!
    If you are refering to the “bike flip” at :14secs. That was out of pure frustration and anger. I SLAMMED my hip on a failed nose pivot, and just had enough to muster a debilitated flip. Luckily it landed upright! haha. Sometimes emotions enter into sports like this. It takes a lot of fails to dial tricks that are this technical in. when you work on something for a very long time, it becomes more and more tempting to lose composure. But these emotions also make it fun! because we’re people! and when we don’t fail it feels that much better.
    I hope that answers your question.

  • kylej

    hey that’s practically at the end of my block!
    i’m up there a lot if you want to ride.
    also, where’s that banks spot up in grnpt?
    was riding around the other day searching for it,
    but no dice.
    got to see the sweet industrial nooks+crannies though…

  • KyleJ, go to that spot (the quarter) this Thursday at 9pm. It’s the weekly Peel Sessions hangout. A ton of people riding there. Fixed and BMX. Good times.

    I’ll tell you where the Gpoint bank spot is at Peel.

  • word! what prolly said… I cannot wait for Peel!

  • chris

    Thanks for taking the time to lay out your process in the edit. Absolutely no disrespect intended! I ride but not tricking at your level so I cannot relate directly. I get the emotion/exhaustion however. Super riding out there!!