Torey’s Kilroy Nov 24, 2009

Torey, aka Hfwido, posted a bike check of his new GOrilla Kilroy up on WRAHW. Looks like a solid build! I know he’s stoked on it.

Read up and see more pics at WRAHW.

  • Fonseca

    Looks good, I’m glad Torey is on Gorilla, he kills it!

  • g.rose

    tell him it has a sloping top tube because the designers didnt use there fork. put a mke bmw or all-city on it and itd look better.
    right now its a street chopper. hfwido really is wonkas little brother

  • mik

    damn it, this bike is extremly ugly, i thought the bmw, mke or whatever is ugly, but the swiss really go for a design price, but they misunderstood something!?

  • tim

    that fork looks like a fit blade lite which doesn’t make sense i know because its for 20’s. did s&m make that for him custom?

  • Tim, the fork is not being made in the GOrilla factory. They are being made by a well-known bicycle shop that will remain nameless for now and yes, they took notes from BMX forks like the Fit forks.

  • Looks like it may be the new Subrosa/Shadow Conspiracy fork? Who knows!

  • gus

    so wait what happened to him and take or fbm which ever one he was on?

  • steve

    people like this hop from sponsor to sponsor taking whatever they can. it cheapens it. he sent my company multiple emails with a resume and videos talking about how good he is. i wont say who we are but its lame.

    im sure he did the same to profile and i thought he was sponsored by feetbelts? why is he riding hold fast? sponsorships should come when riders give back and right now its all getting out of hand. no one is gaining anything from him riding their product.

    way to fuck over a us frame builder for a swiss design project.

  • SAM

    I liked watching hufiwdo when he rode like hufiwdo. Now he just rides like wonka. I miss your pogo combo lines. Bring them back.

  • Hey steve you know nothing really like really really “i wont say who we are but its lame” your a L 7 WEENER and the u s companys werent doing shit for torey so i put him on hfwido is my brother for real! yeah yeah i know hes black ….different dads. oh yeah …..suck my D*** B*TCH

  • hfwido

    Steve. That was the most absurd negatively charged statement that i have heard from anyone. You dont know shit about me, and who ever the fuck you are, man, your company cant be dong well with an attitude like that. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, so you should never come about a situation the way you did. I dont owe you or anyone else an explanation about what I am about. Im trying to be very polite in writing this, but if i ever see you in person, please do introduce yourself to me…