Tom LaMarche Tokyo 2009 Nov 15, 2009


Get ready Tokyo. Tom LaMarche takes off tomorrow for Japan. The truth will finally be told.

Tom X-up

  • Kenji

    Ha, this is going to be easy for the Yokohama Crew. Wonka won’t help you either kid….

  • big al

    kenji i thought tom was over rated too till i saw him ride the banks last weekend. there is no one especially not a parking lot riding spinny japanese kid that can beat him at anything

    its not all about tricks take that kid to a real spot and watch him kill everyone and he aint on a dj bike with the saddle low either

    go tom!

  • dontcoast

    how is this all being judged anyways? and by who?

    Tom’s not the top of the top for tech stuff from the vids i’ve seen…
    but balls out hucking of epic proportions? No one stands a chance against Tom

  • While it’s true there’s not a lot of videos of him being “techy” I can say that he was the first one to land wheelie 180’s on a fixed gear over 2 years ago.

    It’ll be interesting and only good energy will come out of it. Nasty, Tom and Wonka will steal the show. There will be a ton of hype and competition. When I was over there, everyone was nice, but you could tell they all wanted to beat me and I’m not even that good. Marco, Toku, Kozo and Nasty are all talented riders and are super smooth but in the last few videos they have been choking under pressure so we’ll see!

    Bottom line is people from all over ride differently and picking your own approach and dialing in your own style is more important than a checklist of tricks in my opinion.

    Just like every other sport, people will work on their own style and people should appreciate it for what it is!

    I’m stoked duders (wonka and tom) are riding in Tokyo!

  • brodown

    fuck that. too nice prolly as always and i appreciate it but fuck that. those japanese kids only ride flat spots and all their shit is boring tom pulled balls out moves in that last philly video. no bmxr with a dj and no cages or straps would be able to touch that.

    out of the parks into the streets. bro

  • cant wait to see some footy.

  • dontcoast

    it seems like japan always films everything pretty well, too…

    I can’t wait to see the results! whatever happens it will be aweseome riding

  • Damn son


  • You try to x-up some uncut Answer pro-tapers when you’re already off the back of the saddle.

  • jay to the

    this makes me happy.. these kids deserve this above anyone.. show those jocker kids how to ride with their seats up.. go tom and eddy have fun