Tom Lamarche at the Peel Spot Nov 7, 2009

flared the fuck out!


Tom came into town this weekend to ride and hang out. After I was done with my Saturday duties, Wonka, Torey, Tom and I met up at the Peel Sessions spot to ride the ghetto quarter. Tom was getting higher than most people were getting on their BMX bikes. Some crazy shit. Fast, smooth and dialed.

More photos below.

getting it!

Shredding on his Charge Scissor.

This thing is so steep. If you hit it wrong, you’ll bottom out on such a big bike. Even doing an air to fakie is sketchy. Pretty impressive, regardless of the wheel size or the drivetrain.

More to come, including a bike check, video and a tag-team gap he and Wonka did later in the evening.

Peel Sessions 11.05.09

  • david killmore

    WOW!I think people are pulling some of the biggest ramp tricks ive seen on this ghetto 1/4. cant wait to see what these guys are doing next week;)

  • Jesus… So nuts!

  • I NEED TO GET OUT THERE DAMN IT! Keep this thing up into december. I am making a trip!

  • man, so many sick shots on the ghetto 1/4. too bad ours got torn down at water street! oh well, construction soon to follow. i need to make my way up to peel some thursday and ride

  • aj

    i agree with tyler, kept that thing up i’ll be there in early december!

  • Lamarche was the rider that got my attention from bootleg I. He seemed to be working in the shadows for a bit. Love seeing him back in the spotlight. Remember from bootleg I, “how’d you get so good?” Tom: “practice.”

  • Chen Hairong

    I adore you, love you. I hope you rise higher and higher, you can teach me some techniques, please add me…