Tom and Wonka at Shiba Friday Nov 20, 2009

Tom air by hardcore 100

It’s 5am in Tokyo right now and Kyoichi just posted some shots from Shiba Friday on his Flickr. Holy shit. That’s some boost! Tucked and lifted!

More pics below! Who’s got video?!

Tom 180 off the kicker hardcore 100


Wonka 180 off the kicker hardcore 100

Damn. Kids are going off!

Toku bar off the kicker hardcore 100

Toku was there too!

  • me and the homies were discussing the other day wether the u.s was gonna be able to keep up with japan or not
    and i had my faith in the u.s since day one!
    i knew tom wouldnt let me down
    the dude has been killing it since day one
    and big ups to wonka aswell
    killin shit!
    but ofcourse in the end of the day
    its all love in the fgfs world.
    just pushing the sport to the next level

  • ut-oh, toms seat post is starting to look shorter!

  • I can assure you his saddle is no lower than it is here:

    He’s a stickler about that shit. He’s just behind the saddle to tuck it up

  • mike

    on pictures it looks high, but it is on pictures! the japs will kill em all…

  • Well, show me proof because right now, I don’t see anything supporting that!

  • scissorneck

    its funny that I even did this but im bored its raining and im drinkin
    his seat might be a tiny lower??????????? but who cares i really dont… trying to be columbo I guess….. tom stills rages, with no seat even????

  • aren

    it’s just that the angle is different scissorneck

  • Scissorneck, you have too much time on your hands.

  • scissorneck

    what can I say im home all day with my son :)