The Revival World Premiere Nov 17, 2009

The Revival World Premiere from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

A really nice edit from Skitch covering the Revival World Premiere in Vancouver. Some words from Tom:

On November 8th we premiered our film, The Revival in Vancouver, BC. This is what went down as I (Tom Briggs) flew from Toronto back home for the worlds first screening of the film. We can’t thank everyone enough, the screening was amazing and everyone who came out and had a good time, thank you. Also a huge thank you to Noah, Jake, Tyler and everyone else from Seattle that came up for the screening, it was great having you guys north of the boarder. Thank you all.


Jake Ricker for the Revival

  • Smokestacks

    that nose manual was clean.

  • mwa

    Finally I have like a .3 millisecond clip in one of these world premier recaps. That stupid cop showed up right in the middle of my race too I was in 3rd with 3 laps to go I totally could have caught up and made the final, but they stopped our heat when the cop showed. Oh well still a rad day! Thanks Tom!