The Come Up Confuses Things Nov 18, 2009


The Come Up has posted a little back and forth about his disdain for tricks on fixed gears. It’s a long read and I’m not really sure what to think of it, but one thing’s for sure, the quote in bold is totally wrong:

Adam: Yeah, I mean there’s no doubt that even the top dudes in the fixie ghey scene are really making names for themselves doing what you or I would consider beginner/intermediate level BMX tricks. Which is sort of understandable since all that stuff is fairly new. What really kills me though is the pretense behind it. I’m sure you’re used to seeing Razor scooters at the skatepark just like I am, but as far as I can tell, scooterers don’t seem to have the same dilusion that they’re better than BMXers, while a lot of fixie gheys seem to think that they’re somehow above us. And even then, I’d say that while scooters are a worse form of transportation, they’re dramatically more suited for doing tricks than fixies are. Would you rather share a flat ledge with a fixie or a scooter and why?

Dude, no one I ride with in NYC thinks they’re better than BMXrs. You’re basing this whole argument off your own insecurities. The crew of dudes I ride with always ride with BMXrs. We hang out with them, ride spots and have never had issues. Hell, some of them even RIDE BMX and are really really good. While BMX bikes may be “better suited for tricks”, you have to look at it in its own light. It’s a different thing, not competing with or stealing from BMX in anyway. I never BMX’d and I’ve learned a great deal of bike handling that comes in very helpful when I’m on my road bike or even my track bike.

There are a ton of other holes in the discussion, but that’s the most important one. Now I’m sure I’ll get flamed here for even pointing this out, but whatever. I’ll continue to ride with BMXrs, MTBrs and fixed gear “gheys” or “twats” or whatever. Bikes are bikes. There’s no law written in stone anywhere.

Let people do what they want. We’re not hurting you or the “BMX scene” – we’re here to hang out, ride bikes and have fun.

  • dennis


  • Wilis

    Wow! Still?! Really getting it from every side of things huh? Track kids are pissed bmx kids are pissed roadies don’t know what to make of it MTb guys dont care. You must be doing something right. Having fun!

  • Andy

    that’s fucking retarded. they need to take a chill pill and relax. i ride both fixed and bmx. doesn’t change with anyone i hang out with. just about preference. but don’t fucking assume shit about something like fixed gear riders thinking they’re above bmxers. and you’re right. bikes are bikes and im deff here to ride and have fun.

  • If there’s one thing to remember here, its that A22 is a huge idiot. The success of his site is pure dumb luck, and a testament to the intelligence of the majority of his readers. Bikes is bikes.

  • brooklynbmx

    hes such an arrogant douche. everyone probably stares him down because hes an asshole not because hes on a bmx. the amount of people that want him markd is unbeleivable how he rides around still.

    prolly keep it real man. like the positive attitude.

    some of the videos here are better than a22’s tricks. i could see how he feels punked.

  • My man willis is definitely on the right track. The more people that are pissed of with what you’re doing, the more fun you’re probably having.

  • Max

    TCU doesn’t represent BMX, and they are quite famous for stirring up shit and starting internet flamewars about whatever. I’m not even sure that post deserved a reply, replying just gets all the pre-pubescent BMXers really angry, and then your blog gets spammed a lot.

    About the trick track things not getting along with BMXers… I ride fixed to haul ass, and I have seen fixed gear freestylers only from a distance, so I don’t really think I much to say about whether or not they approach other bikers with a Metallico Tsuchinoko up their ass.

    Myself personally? I think fixed gear freestyle looks awkward and stupid. I’m really impressed by the technicality of it all, because I’d probably never be able to do it, but for me, it makes no sense to give that much shit to big,(relatively) flimsy wheels. But do I mind it? Nope. In fact, I enjoy the odd trick video you post here.

    In this case, the best solution is to just not care.

  • You’re spot on by mentioning that Adam’s hate towards doing tricks on fixed gears is totally based on insecurity. I also think that it’s just one of those things that is easy to not understand if you don’t ride fixed. Most of the tricking and stuff is totally just based on fun/goofing around and not serious. At least that’s how it is for me!

  • Bill

    I ride both fixed and BMX and I must say that the fixed gear riders definitely have a much better attitude towards riding. I have seen BMX vids on this site where in the comments there will be nothing but great things to say about the video. When Adam22 posts a fixed video on TCU (which he will only do to make fun of it) the comments are full of hate.

    BMX is my favorite thing and always will be, but I think Prolly hit the nail on the head, bikes are bikes and you can have fun on them no matter what kind of bike it is.

  • Noir

    ^This is what he was getting at, Max.

    In my own experience (as a BMXer), fixie kids are snobby fucks. I appreciate that you guys and Prolly are real down to earth dudes, but the generalisation is definately somewhat applicable.

  • Danny P

    I have mad respect for good Bmx guys. I think you have introduced to the wrong crowd. Anyone that is really about riding bikes should have respect and be cool with anyone that rides a bike. like everyone has said. we are here to ride and have fun.

  • Jacob

    I smell a Pulitzer! But seriously, I didn’t even realize there was so much hate.

  • Danny P

    I have mad respect for good Bmx guys. I think you have been introduced to the wrong crowd. Anyone that is really about riding bikes should be cool with anyone else that is about riding a bike. like everyone has said. we are here to ride and have fun.

  • Ugh, don’t engage A22. It only encourages him.

  • John, just curious where you got your psychology degree from? Chalking up the fact that Rhys and I (and the vast majority of riders who have already commented on my post) dislike fixie freestyle to “insecurities” is about as silly as you can get and an obvious cop-out so you don’t have to come up with any kind of coherent defense. Not feeling the need to defend your hobby is fine, you don’t owe me or TCU anything, but to use the cliche “insecure” defense is really not doing you any favors.

    And for the record, Rhys nor I have any problem with any person who rides a fixie on the basis of what bike they ride. I ride with a mountain biker or two and they are aware that I think their bikes are lame and that they should stick to BMX, yet somehow we’re still friends. Our commentary is about the bikes, not necessarily the people involved.

  • Ribs

    Personally, I think doing tricks on track bikes is both a little silly and visually unappealing. But do I care that you’re out there doing it anyway? Hell no. It’s not hurting me, and it’s not hurting my bike.

    Every year the trick track bikes are looking more and more like BMXs, anyway. Eventually, they’re going to come up with these amazing improvements to them like smaller wheels and coasting capabilities.

    Either way, get on your bike and go have fun. That’s what it’s about.

  • adam isnt a fucken rider hes a fake ass fool bikes are bikes and im a rider the guy doesnt even know what being a rider means and noone likes him so why even pay attention ior post his bull shit your just fueling his internet fake ass fun like really everyone hates that fool werds do not get spoken when he roles through for a reason.

  • I don’t understand why it’s so territorial. It is almost like they are afraid of losing their identities.

  • The come up is funny. I dont ride bmx but i still go on tcu and watch videos. they must be bummed i use all these bmx parts to do tricks on a fixed gear. too bad.

  • 2sides

    FG freestyle needs to take a cue from telemark skiiing and accept that some people in the more mainstream part of the sport will respect you for doing it the hard way and some will just go “You’re only doing it the hard way because the limitations conceal the fact that you’re not very good in the first place.” Neither view can ever be proven totally right but there will always be people saying each one.

    Personally I can see how FG freestyle is fun and all, but let’s get real with ourselves, the best BMXers son the crap out of any of the best FGFS riders, at least right now. What’s the new hot trick on the front page here, nose manuals? The BMX crew has been doing friggin’ reverse nose mannies for years, and they can’t even pedal backwards. Yeah, it’s a little harder on a bigger bike, but mountain bikers have been doing forward nose mannies for decades too, it’s not like it’s that crazy hard. And how many people from the FG side can do them clean and well and for more than like 10 feet?

    What remains to be seen is whether FGFS really gets bigger, or whether the best riders move on to other bike types to be able to pull more and bigger tricks, or whether the whole thing just goes the way of the inline skate.

    You guys may think what A22 and his buddy posted was hot garbage, and that’s fine, but if you read one part read the bit about pedaling and style, it clues you into where BMX is coming from. This is a sport that’s older than most of its best riders, and right or wrong people have opinions about what’s good style and what isn’t. Shit obviously changes (remember when flatland used to involve brakes and pedal tricks were just thought to be euro goofyness?), but BMX isn’t a blank slate like FG freestyle, and that gives people on that side of the fence a different source of opinions than the big tent, do whatever you want attitude on the FG side.

  • mwa

    Tyler Johnson – Need I say more!

    Fricken retards.

  • aj

    This is something we talk about fairly often down here in Texas espically being in such close proxy to Austin where BMX is alive and well (T-1, Mutany, Empire, Sunday, 9th street) all here. The younger kids(16-20) wont talk to you cause they have read on the internet that “we must hate fixed arrrh”. The older guys here who still ride BMX at age 30+ do it cause they love it and are really positive bout it, even pro riders who live here are really cool about it. BMX isnt an image to them.

    Thats why i laugh when people bitch about BMX dying, the only reason it would die is because of hatful attitudes, egos, and people buying the image(rules,trends,etc.) of BMX rather than the fun/love of it. Hell I ride BMX now because of fixed, hows that! let us not forget, Bikes arent cool and have never been cool.we ride cause we love it, period.

  • I makes comment on TCU.

  • lukemc

    I totally respect BMXrs.
    I get many of my tricks form them.
    Their bikes are soo tough to ride,
    and some tricks are super hard on a BMX.
    like a wheelie.
    on fixed they are a million times easier.
    this guy’s on crack.

  • Seems to me its all about insecurity. Too many BMXers I’ve encountered have this huge fucking chip on their shoulder, like they’re stuck in 15 yr old teen angst mode. They think the world owes them a million dollars and a BJ just because they can go bigger and faster than most.

    Also, where do these fools get the idea the “fixed gear freestyle scene” is trying to compete w/ them? No one cares, as Kevin said, its about having fun.

    My favorite is all the jabs about fashion. What could possibly look dumber than a fakenger w/ a Chrome bag? How about a crabby douche w/ an emo haircut stuffed under a New Era and yellow girl pants (refer to the Nike 6.0 tunnel jam video-dude shreds, but he looks like Ronald Mcdonald).

  • Kai

    There has always been hostility from one extreme sport to another. For example many skaters would not get along with rollerbladers and so on. I think the only difference now is that many BMXers might feel threatened. Not in a bad way, its just Fixed Gear riders are in the almost the same category, doing tricks on bikes, a 180 on fixed gear looks similiar to a bmx. BMXers have to think that Fixed gear freestylers arent trying to steal from bmx, but trying to make their own path. The Come Up shows why the internet ruined everything.

  • @ A22, just to stir the pot =)

    Insecurities really come out when the word insecure gets mentioned – take it from a high school teacher with a masters in education and adolescent development. I deal with some of the most insecure people in society. Words like “For the record…” are exemplars of a defense mechanism within ourselves that thrives to have “the last word” on a subject… which is an insecurity meme: that we are not in control of a situation (a.k.a. when we start a controversial dialogue but can not finish it), is only grounds for us to cling to whatever fiber of moral absolution and righteousness we can find – usually through using words like “cop out” to attempt to undercut our opponents and their views only to feel like we are the top dog.

    Hate to break it to ya… you’re insecure like the rest of us.

    Man, one can really tell when the weather is getting crappy. All the bikers hang on the internet instead of at the bike spot or on the trail. The indoor demons are winning, I can feel the angst!

  • jeff

    I love how the main message is “guyyyyyyyyyys, stop doing trickssssssssss :( :'(”

    Why does he fucking care?

    And whats whith the homophobic shit? It makes him sound even more like a whiney twelve year old that hangs out at the mall.

  • aight guys, the Russian spam bots have started. gonna close the comments.