The Auction Ended High Nov 30, 2009

Just like Alan, I was watching this crankset on eBay. I had no intention of buying them because NOS Campy Pista components will fetch a pretty penny. I just wanted to see how high they would go. Building a complete NOS track bike has got to be an expensive hobby!

It’s one of those things where you get enough people fixated on finishing their catalog-spec’d build battling over the same component. Before you know it, the final price has escalated to well over $600. Complete with the original box (even though there seems to be some debate on that) and you’ve got a nice piece of cycling history.

The pictures alone are worthy of a post. Really nice. Hurry and grab them off the eBay page before the seller removes them.

  • It seems like 99% of the auctions I watch are just to see how high the item sells for. It’s funny cause I think I blew like $300 something on the same cranks in mint cond along with a NOS ALAN panto ring not 6 months ago. I felt super guilty spending even that much but $600+ is just BEYOND ridiculous..

  • …hmmm, interesting. i sold a nos set w/bb a few years back (also snagged in switzerland) and it went for only 480usd. it sported the same box, yet was 1/2″ pitch 151bcd.

  • No way that box is original.. Lovely set though

  • Travis, you mean inch pitch right? I have a NOS inch pitch drivetrain and 151 Pista cranks. That’s the box the arms would have come in. If the cranks were 1/8″ pitch with a beveled back, the box could still be period-correct.

    From the looks of things, this dude is just trying to get some extra money from some unknowing (and rich) bidder…

  • john, …no, i was trying to support the fact that it could be possible that the box is original. i had 1/2in pitch in a inch pitch box. however, mine were 151bcd, which would put them a bit closer to the inch pitch era and therefore more plausible than the 1/2in pitch 144bcd in a 151bcd inch pitch box.

    i used to live in basel and know people who know people (wink, wink). that said, i wouldn’t be so surprised if the box wasn’t original. although, if you look at his collection, it’s not as though he would need to fake having a crazy selection of vintage stuff.

  • Eustace