Starfuckers Triple Crown Fork Nov 4, 2009


Similar to early path racer forks, the new Starfuckers forks have a triple crown and a 25mm rake. Available soon on their online store. A nice way to add some character to your track bike. See more pictures here at their blog.

  • joe

    what kind of frame will this rad design work with? NJS (fingers crossed_)

    Prolly i dont even know you but i know that you rock man, sick blog!

    Cheers from So Cal :)

  • Joe,

    Thanks man. Much appreciated. I think it’ll work fine on an NJS bike. With 25mm of rake, It may be a little tight on the clearance side of your track bike.

  • joe

    Well i don’t really got any issues with toe overlap as it is, since my street/track bike is a bit large?

    That crown and the chrome are begging to connect with my matte grey samson! How does the rake compare to a stock NJS fork, any idea how it might affect handling?

  • prolly

    Normal track rake is 32mm