Seeds Sewn at Open Nov 11, 2009

Open Bicycle just got in a few winter caps from Seeds Sewn, the re-cycling hatter of Boston. Really nice, retro fit with colors for everyone. From the hype-beast to the tweed-beast, they’ve got a hat to fit your style.

Don’t worry about the mannequin fit, they’ll fit your head properly. Wouldn’t make much sense to have the bill over your eyes.

Product shot by Justin Keena

  • Vas

    i read the mannequin fit part… but seems kinda dumb to even put out product shots like that – unless you have a conehead or something…

  • dave

    I think what he John is saying is that the hats look really big but it’s the mannequin head is really small and so it make the hats look really deep… maybe i’m wrong

  • Thanks for the shout-out, John. Dave is an amazing craftsman and his work is really evolving… let’s all bring up the East Coast grassroots bike industries!