Sean Callahan – Rest in Peace Nov 20, 2009

If you’ve been riding track bikes for the past few years, then you’ll remember this picture. It’s Sean Callahan riding a bowl on a Bianchi Concept. Recently Sean passed away and even though I didn’t know him, his work has touched a lot of people in this scene. Even if you didn’t know his name, you’ll recognize him. Sean Callahan, I never knew you, but rest in peace. I know you’re missed.

  • I heard about this via the blade community a phew days ago. He ripped shit on the blades. Man…

    This tracko video was revolutionary at the time, and I was really into it. A lot of you will remember it. Sean is in it…

  • chris

    this is crazy, after knowing about the dude for years and years rollerblading i finally got to meet him only a few months ago. really shitty.

  • will

    Wow, really sad. Seeing that exact photo on the trackosaurus rex website a while back was what first inspired me to take the fixed gear to my local skatepark.

  • Where am I?

    Damn…I miss my homie Sean..