Review: Dubstep Allstars vol. 7 Nov 18, 2009

It’s hard to follow the previous two albums in this series. Tempa has long known the face of dubstep and even if the true face of dubstep is indistinguishable, they seem to do a good job at capturing its many phases. From Dubstep Allstars 1 through 5, Tempa focused on producers who were pushing the dark and foreboding side of the genre; Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode9 and N-Type. Bass lines and snares that would cripple you by snapping your spine. With Dubstep Allstars 6, we saw Appleblim bring in a slightly more uplifting side of the genre. Pulling from Pinch and 2562 along with other dubstep producers who were experimenting with the once minimal genre, shifting it to a more dance-centric sound.

Cue Chef and Ramadanman. Two DJs who have also been pushing dubstep to the faster-paced dance genre, mixing in its roots with dub, ragga and drum and bass. It may not be your thing, but this current release is fast-paced and plays like a club mix. The tracklisting on the Chef side is closer to what you’d expect from the Dubstep Allstars series. Meanwhile Ramadanman seems to be splaying off into the progressive side, featuring future garage, funk, 2 step and house. It’s an interesting mix for sure. Would I call it the best Dubstep Allstars? Not hardly. Is it progressive? Yes but I don’t like where it’s going. Let’s see a 2-step-back to the roots for the next one. Slow it down a bit and bring in that gritty world we’ve grown to love. The rest of the world thinks dubstep is just jungle and mixes like this prove them right.

There are some bangers in the mix though, so it’s not a total fail. Benga, Skream, D1, Distance, Conquest and Mala have a ton of playtime. I’m not totally dogging the album, it’s just not what I was expecting. Pick it up at your shop or buy it online and let me know what you think.

Tracklist is below:

CD1 mixed by DJ Chef:

1 Dub Mechanics Main Goal
2 Chefal & Coki Feat. Doctor Stages
3 G Double E The Highest
4 Von D Feat. Lady Phe Phe Show Me
5 Von D Feat. Lady Phe Phe Show Me [Skreamix]
6 Kito LFO
7 DJ 2000F and J Kamata They Dont Know What Love Is [Chef VIP Special]
8 Dub Mechanics Spotted
9 Cyrus Sleeper [Chef VIP Special]
10 Mala Level 9
11 Mr Lager Feat. Alys Be Tell Me [Distance RMX]
12 Mr Lager Feat. Alys Be Tell Me [Von D RMX]
13 Conquest The Unknown
14 Benga Man On A Mission [Chef VIP Special]
15 Silkie 51 Times Stronger
16 Noah D / Cotti / Unknown Artist Seeeriouss [Chef VIP Special] / Real Hustler [Chef VIP Special] / Gangster For Life
17 Benga iTunes
18 Ghost Think Theyre Greezy
19 Silkie Untitled
20 Christine Vaccine Fever [Kito RMX]
21 Distance No Warning
22 LD Fibre Optics
23 Silkie Float
24 LD Day Dreamin
25 Mr Lager Four Leaf Clover
26 LD Hard Skank
27 Chef Sub Soca
28 Trolley Snatcha The Future
29 Kutz Itch [Chef VIP Special]
30 Skream WTF
31 Silkie Full Moon
32 Cluekid 09 Lick [Chef VIP Special]
33 Benga Who Remembers
34 D1 Just Business

CD 2 mixed by Ramadanman

1 Ramadanman Tread
2 Untold & D Franklin Beacon
3 Peverelist Bluez
4 Blawan Fram
5 Mickey Pearce Innami
6 Footsie Untitled
7 Untold I Cant Stop This Feeling [Pangaea RMX]
8 Scuba Tense
9 Ramadanman I Beg You
10 Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce Tripped Up
11 Pangaea Router
12 Ramadanman Old Thumbs
13 Peverelist Jarvik Mindstate
14 Martyn Vancouver
15 Headhunter OSS
16 Ramadanman Revenue [Untold RMX]
17 RSD Over It
18 D1 Subzero
19 James Blake Sparing The Horses
20 Quest Arawak
21 Joe Untitled
22 Ramadanman Humber
23 Skream Feat. Earl 16 Tune In A Dub Tribute
24 Compound One Space Odyssey
25 Pangaea Why
26 Untold Stop What Youre Doing
27 Mount Kimbie 50 Mile View

  • music maiden

    It’s online too. Buying albums just supports a dying age of record companies controlling artists. Download it and buy the actual dub plates and white label LPs and EPs.


  • I should mention that disk one gets wicked at the end. Probably the best part of the mix.

  • alex

    Music Maiden,

    I find your comment about record companies controlling artist to be a huge generalization. It all depends on what kind of deal the label and artist work out. I can tell you though that downloading music for free isn’t helping an artist either.

  • DJH

    Buying this compilation doesn’t really benefit the musicians anymore than downloading it. Artists do these things strictly for exposure because seriously how much money could they possibly make from having one track on a dj mix comp. Negligible at best.

  • lhansberger

    music maiden: true if you support bands like nickelback or miley cyrus, but this is a struggling independent label (tempa), compiled by independent artists featuring independent artists (except like skream maybe). don’t be a self-righteous prick.

  • lhansberger

    djh: heresay. back it up with figures. as a former techno dj and music maker, my tracks that were licensed didn’t pay enourmous sums of money, true, but they did pay, and that money did help at the end of the fiscal year. the exposure is nice, but most of these artists aren’t exactly unheard of in the DS scene…

  • ladyrachel

    purchase or not, it’s worth a listen. while i miss the sounds of 2-3 years ago, djs/producers are pushing boundaries, which is reflected in the variety of tracks selected.
    i agree with john on the last track…untold’s remix of james blake’s “stop what you’re doing” is (imo) one of this year’s best tracks.

  • Maple

    glad to see some dubstep on here prolly!!! awesome tempa label is bangin

  • I enjoyed a good amount of the tracks as ‘tracks’, but it just didn’t feel as creative as say dubstep allstars vol. 4 with the transitions and overall continuity. It felt like it was more of a selection of good tracks just compiled versus carefully selected and thoughtfully mixed. There are even parts where the whole audio just stops. I was more excited about this album when I was just listening to clips of each track then when i actually got it. I agree with this statement, “Let’s see a 2-step-back to the roots for the next one [ … ]”–Above.