Retired Belts Nov 25, 2009

Vittoria Randonneur tires wear out with a signature red strip. Once they kick-over and die, they expose their threads and are useless to ride on. Instead of just throwing these away, Dylan Bigby decided to re-appropriate them as belts. Using high-quality brass snaps and trimmed down Randos, he’s made a green product thats functionality equals its design.

He calls them Retired Belts and you can see tons of pictures over at his blog. Hand made in SF from tires ridden in SF. Legit!

Available at the Retired Belts shop for $25 plus shipping.

  • Kanon08

    These are rad belts. I won one at the Macaframa Hip to Help alleycat. I’ve been wearing it ever since. Low pro and since it’s rubber there is no slipping and sliding like other belts.

  • Jarfrey

    great idea…not sure if I want to smell like a tire though.

  • Chris

    These belts are legit! I’ve had one for about 6 months and it has shown no signs of wear. The rubber surprisingly doesn’t smell and provides a good amount of stretch for stuffing a U-Lock between them and your jeans.