PUYL Nov 4, 2009

Fixed gear riders like simplicity. They like “clean bikes” with no brake holes, no water bottle mounts and no fender mounts. It’s limiting for most because while they enjoy riding their bikes, they don’t always enjoy carrying bags around. Every bicycle accessory has to be fit onto the bike somehow and easy to remove for locking the bike up outside. Maybe that was the inspiration for this multi-purpose tool.

The PUYL is a pump and light all in one. It mounts to the top tube and supplies LED lights by saving energy that’s generated from the pump’s use. More information:

The generated energy is stored in a rechargeable battery/ super cap. The light source is an ultra bright LED bulb. The magnetic recharge method allows the LED light to be recharged unlimited times.

The criteria for the object required it to be eco friendly and reduce the number of items the user had to carry around.

A patent pending is submitted for this project.

Well done guys! Intelligent and eco-friendly design! Not to mention the Shop 14 plug!

  • sau

    amazing. if you receive a head’s up when this is available for public consumption, please inform.

  • jeff

    somebody has been on designboom recently

  • katie

    That would rip my pants I just know it hah. If it went on the handlebar I would be so down for this, but trying to break with that thing right there on the bar would be both painful and dangerous to pants and leg skin.

  • ladyrachel

    billyclub too?

  • robotphood

    Katie, you have to lean that far to brake? Even for some crotch to stem skids you should be able to avoid it. Not THAT much width added to your top tube.

  • Thomas

    What kind of stem is that, if any one could let me know, and if its any good either. I’ve been looking for a bmx stem, and that looks pretty cool.

  • Seems like you’d have to have an awful lot of flat tires to make your way home at night…

  • That’s pretty awesome. Possibly the most useful innovation I’ve seen in a while. Great post, now I just need to get one.

  • Luke Verhagen

    That is the Profile Racing Acoustic stem. Made in USA – good stuff.