Push it a Stop: Flip Clips vol. 1 Nov 25, 2009

push it a stop – flip clips vol. 1 from scott marceau on Vimeo.

Remember the Peel Sessions with the Revival post I made last week? All that footage came from Scott Marceau. He’s the dude who’s spearheading the Push it a Stop mixtapes. The series is called Flip Clips and here’s volume 1.

All local spots, with local riders and even some cameos from familiar faces. Tons of jackassery, clips and bangers. Looks great Scott.

Peel Sessions with the Revival

  • If by jackassery you mean “adam22” then, yes. Lots of it.

    On a lighter note, sean burns is the fucking man.

  • jeff

    I had no idea you could put a bmx stem/bars on a razor scooter

  • Danny

    I really enjoyed that mixtape on this Turkey day morning. thanks i need to get one of those flip cams, looks mad fun.

  • is that wonka at 5:40 ish on the bench?

  • Really like this

  • kamisevil

    Is this filmed on a flip cam??